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Happy Wednesday, to all! πŸ™‚ I’ve had a great day laying out in the sun with Natasha and am now plagued with a constant warmth encircling my slightly burnt body… Not too pleasant to say the least! Besides that, summer is already going fabulously and is passing far too fast for my liking. I have been working tirelessly at my German studies and am taking many notes and am now even considering picking up a second course. My scarf is around two and a half feet long and is almost complete (it is only a short infinity scarf!), and I am hoping to get started on my dress rather soon as well! Also, I spent a day babysitting and tomorrow I will work with Natasha for her mom’s friend’s birthday party and we will be waitressing – so I am also working on making some cash!!

Even though I already have so many things going on, I am also setting some new goals for myself. I feel like I still need more activities because they really do motivate me to do something other than sleep in, get fat and watch soap operas all day long!! I have written a short list, and I hope you enjoy it and it will inspire you to pick up some new things for your summer as well! πŸ™‚ And yes, before you ask, many of the things on the list pertain to austerity, and I shall explain why!

1. Finish my online German course. –> By completing extra courses online, I will hopefully finish school a semester or two early and can work and save up money for my future!! This is not only an opportunity for me to better my future, it will also give me an austerity of school!
2. Sew an entire dress by myself. –> This will give me a chance to better my sewing skills and will also allow me to create an article of clothing that not only did I make myself, but that is cheaper than buying in a store and looks exactly as I want it to.
3. Finish knitting my scarf. –> Same reason as above!
4. Go to the gym every day Monday through Friday for an entire month. –> This is not only good for my health, but it will also make me have an even rocking-er body for my swimsuits throughout the summer! πŸ™‚ (Also, an austerity of food and body fat!) This is also a hard goal to achieve and I will certainly feel very proud of myself when I have accomplished it.
5. Get a tan. –> Okay, let’s get real, this has absolutely nothing to do with austerity but is more of a personal goal! Being a Casper look alike my entire life, I will feel very good with myself if and when I am able to get some color. πŸ˜€
6. Make tutus with my mom. –> This one goes back to the scarf and dress, however it will also make us money for when we are able to sell them on Etsy! My mom and I have both wanted to make these for a very long time, and it will be very good to get going on it. Also, most of the money I make from it can go towards other things, such as university, clothing, housing, and so on!
7. Make some beaded ribbon necklaces. (See below!) –> These are SO cool and look so cute as well! They also look relatively easy to make and would be a fun project that can be used as gifts for friends, new accessories for yourself or to be sold on Etsy or other such sites!!
8. Go downtown with my girlfriends. –> We live in a beautiful area and rarely do I actually take the time to check out all Vancouver has to offer! So by taking a trip downtown, we can look at the ocean, go to the Vancouver Art Gallery (they have free days), and just wander around and see the city. All for a very little amount of money (if any), and for an entire day of fun!
9. Have the BEST SUMMER EVER!!!

I hope all of these ideas were rather inspiring for y’all, and I hope to hear about any other crafts or summer plans any of you have! πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to get many of these things done relatively soon, and then I can add more to my list and just have a summer full of awesomeness! I hope everyone has a fabulous week and I will talk to everybody again on Wednesday… xoxo Chloe