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Hello to all! 🙂 I’m having a rather boring day filled with more crafting and TV watching, followed by tanning and watching what I eat. Yes, I do know this is everybody’s idea of the best day ever. ;P One of the first things I would like to say is that I do realize on my last post I wrote ‘happy Wednesday’… Yes, after I posted it I did realize that it was my Saturday post and not the Wednesday one I thought it was. This simply proves that I have really got into it being summer and NOT that I am crazy, I swear!! (And no, dad, I am not ‘cray’ either for that matter.) Secondly, I would like to say that I have absolutely no ideas whatsoever about what in the hell I am going to write about today…

With my last statement said, I must remind all of you that I am the only person to this date that has not missed writing a post! Yes, while I have been away I have occasionally asked my mom to fill in for me, but I have NEVER left my day empty. Which I must say, I am pretty proud of. 🙂 Even when I don’t have a single interesting, intriguing or even relatively exciting thing to write about, I still manage to type something into this little space! So on the off occasion when I have nothing to say, I should not have to feel bad about writing a short post… Agreed? Good.

I have recently decided to do another weight-watching food type of thing, and I may even look into special low-cal recipes that actually taste relatively decent and that one may actually eat without wanting to throw up. Because there are only so many goddamn salads I can eat without wanting to severely injure somebody. ‘Nuff said.

Okay, well I honestly have nothing else to say. I can’t even pull a random topic out of my ass!! Who is this person that is writing this post? Certainly not the real Chloe, for she is a master for writing things in a blog regarding austerity that have absolutely nothing to do with being austere! 😉 Until Saturday (see, I do know my days!!), have a fabulous week that is more exciting than mine. 😀 … xoxo Chloe