I am sitting here trying to put my scattered thoughts into some semblance of order, but the only thought that completely resists is, “Damn that Glenn…. He totally set me up last night.”  It’s true.  I sat at the computer last night, ready to write my post and he comes upstairs and says, “I’ll write your post for you, hon.  We can swap nights and you can write tomorrow night.  You’ve already written one today.”  I jump at the chance and he nails me in his post for procrastinating.  What’s that all about???

That being said (phew!), my thoughts are less chaotic now.  It’s true that I’m struggling lately to find anything tangible to write about.  Hanging about with the kids, enjoying the summer weather is pretty much the same this year as any other. Summer’s awesome no matter which way you (austerely) cut it.

Never fear, though, we are still hard at it.  This week has largely been spent soaking up some rays, walking loops at the local track, watering the garden, crafting, watching movies and just generally chilling out.  I did manage a purge of our bathroom cabinets, but I’m pretty sure throwing away a dozen old nail polishes doesn’t rate a post of its own.

I have to say that with the half-way mark having come and gone, I am a little panicky that we won’t get it all done.  It’s the photos I’m most concerned about really.  Glenn and I have been together almost 25 years and perhaps 5% of our photos are organized into albums.  I cannot express how much I’d like to see them organized, scanned, backed-up, etc.  It seems pretty daunting though, I have to admit.

And that’s the crux of it, isn’t it?  If something is seemingly just out of reach in the do-ability department, we leave things for later.  Procrastination.  That nasty, nasty word.  Or, my BFF, according to Glenn.  Well, I’m breaking up with procrastination…..  Tomorrow.  😉   Take care and have a fantastic weekend!  s. xo