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Good evening everybody! I am very sorry about not writing my post yesterday, and I thank my brother for so kindly taking over my day. 🙂 I was at my good friend’s 16th country themed hoedown party!! I had a blast and am so glad I went. But besides that, I honestly haven’t been up to all that much. Even though I’ve been doing a lot with crafting and my online classes, it isn’t taking up that much of my time. And yes, I say ‘classes’ simply because I have picked up a second course, Pre-Calculus 11 – just because I adore math and am so excited to start!! … Just kidding.

The actual reason I decided to take another online course is because I went into the online school building on Thursday to meet my German teacher and take a quick test. While I was there, she told me that I had already completed all of the actual assignments for the entire course, all I have left is a few tests and a final. I have been working on German for less than three weeks and have only spent around 16 hours on it all together. By the time I have finished this entire course, I will have spent under 25 hours on it!!! Isn’t that insane?

When I signed up for the course, we asked how long it was supposed to take me and they told us it was going to be 150 hours… 25 hours is a far cry from 150!! I’m assuming they had to tell us that it would take 150 hours simply because that’s how long a course in school would take and they wouldn’t want people to think that online is quicker and easier. If everyone knew, they wouldn’t have enough people to fill actual school rooms, everyone would be doing everything online! That awkward moment when having a teacher actually hinders your ability to complete a course efficiently…

The reality behind my words is actually rather scary. While I am looking for an austerity of school (I am trying to get finished early by doing courses online), these teachers are looking for an austerity of teaching!! There are obviously still some wonderful teachers that make learning fun and interesting, but the number of them is quickly dwindling. A mechanic cannot get away with not fixing cars and trying to hand them back to the owners AND expect pay. As a teacher should not be allowed to get away with not teaching and keep their job and their salary. It’s absolutely radonk-a-donk.

Well after my little rant there, I am definitely done bashing on anybody else for the evening! 🙂 Hahaha I’m just trying to bring some light to the situation, is all. People these days, they drive me crazy I tell ya! But everyone should definitely make sure they have a fabulous week ahead of them and really enjoy their summer! And I shall do the same!! Who knows? Maybe I will have finished all my high schooling by the time I write next… xoxo Chloe 😉