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Once upon a time there was a wonderful young lady whose name was Chloe…

Chloe lived a lavish lifestyle, full of wonderful clothing, a beautiful home, friends and family who loved her, and most importantly – many, many pairs of shoes. Shoes were the one thing that made Chloe truly happy, so she went about buying as many pairs as she desired. She bought heels, runners, flats, flip flops, sandals, boots, and many other designs, all in any color your mind could possibly come up with. Chloe spent many days in and out of shoe stores, always trying to find new shoes in the latest style and color. However, over the years Chloe began to lose sight of the real world, and the only thing she ever thought of was buying more shoes!

One day Chloe’s mother was desperately trying to find her daughter, for she needed to go out and needed Chloe to watch her younger brother. She ran around the house calling her daughter’s name at the tope of her lungs. But to no avail. Chloe was nowhere to be found! Her mother eventually became very angry with Chloe and marched up to her room to take away her cellphone for being such a wretched human being. Chloe’s mother reached her daughter’s room, flung the door open and to her horror a huge mountain of shoes came toppling down on top of her!!

“Mother!” Chloe yelled, crawling over top of the shoes and down into the hallway. She stood next to the avalanche of shoes that held her mother captive. “You saved me, mother! I thought I was never going to get out, it was so incredibly scary!!”

“Chloe, you listen here!” her mother yelled, her voice muffled from the shoes sitting atop her.

“Bye mother, I have no time to listen to your unnecessary words! I am off to the shoe store. There’s a sale today on the best pair of shoes I have ever seen in my entire life!!”

Little did Chloe know, but those very words were to be the words Chloe would regret saying for the rest of her life. Because her mother was so very upset and horrified at her daughter and what she had become, she decided to put Chloe on shoe-arrest. This meant that there would be no buying of shoes for an ENTIRE year. Chloe was not even going to be allowed to step foot into a shoe store for more than ten minutes per day – and that was an allowance only received on good behaviour!

After three months without buying any new shoes, Chloe was beginning to dwindle away. She barely spoke, she never ate, and she spent most of her time sitting in her room staring at the ceiling. It was to the point where Chloe’s mother was concerned about the life of her child!! The punishment was merely meant to teach Chloe a lesson – not to end her existence. Therefore, after much debate, her mother decided to allow Chloe to go out with her friend on a day out shopping. Chloe herself was not allowed to buy anything, but she could go into any store her friend desired and stay out as long as she wanted.

When Chloe’s much needed shopping day arrived, she could barely contain her excitement! She was literally bouncing off the walls, almost back to the attitude of the pre-punished Chloe. It was amazing!! Chloe and her friend Natasha set off to the mall, and Chloe had never been so excited in her entire life.

The day was going incredibly well. The girls were having tons of fun, they had grabbed lunch and Natasha was able to find many articles of clothing she wanted to buy. Chloe was so optimistic, shoes hadn’t even crossed her mind once! That is until…

“Hey Chloe, I have to look for a pair of shoes to match my dress! I’m going to a dinner next weekend and I don’t have anything that goes. That’s all good with you, right? We’re not in a rush?” Natasha asked, waiting for Chloe to answer.

Sweat began dripping down Chloe’s neck, her foot started to tap without her trying and she automatically started to bite the inside of her cheek. “Umm… Well… I mean… Shoes… I haven’t…”

“Chloe, I get it if you don’t want to, don’t worry about it!”

“No! I can do this. I CAN!” Chloe said hardily, grabbing Natasha by the hand and dragging her into the nearest shoe store.

Chloe took a deep breath and tried her best to avert her eyes from the many shelves of beautiful shoes. The smell of fresh leather lingered in the air, and Chloe even attempted breathing through her mouth to block it out. She walked to the couch and sat, waiting for Natasha to be finished. Chloe swung her legs back and forth and fiddled with her fingers in her lap, all while not daring to look up.

Finally Natasha was finished, and Chloe had survived the experience! Chloe ran out into the fresh air of outside, took a deep breath and put a huge smile on her face. She had managed to not even look at the beautiful shoes that had once taken over her whole life!

The End.

Okay, so maybe that isn’t exactly my story… I was never so addicted to buying shoes that I stopped caring about my mom, nor was my room ever full of them. I do however have quite a few pairs, and I have to say that I love them! I had the experience of having to sit in a shoe store the other day while Natasha tried on shoes, and I was indeed very happy with myself that I managed to not purchase anything! No matter how gorgeous some shoes were. That’s why I do think this year has done much good for me, because I feel as if possessions do not rule me anymore. I choose what I buy and what I do not, and when I am able to pass something up that I do not need, I am very pleased with myself! So until this year is over, or I get myself a job, I guess I will just have to remain on shoe-arrest. 😉 … xoxo Chloe