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I am behind again this week with my blog posts.  I guess Glenn would say I’ve been hanging out with P again.  More accurately, I’ve been hanging out with S. Summer has, after all, been A LONG TIME coming.  The temperatures across the continent are scorching, but we are enjoying a lovely Summer, perfect in every way.  Warm bordering on hot, a cool breeze off the ocean…  Perfection. And with the “Spring” we had, I want to soak up each and every juicy second of this most ideal season before it, too, slips away.

The garden is looking mighty fine at the moment, courtesy of about 40 wheelbarrows of mushroom manure.  I split a 10 yard load with my neighbour and it’s the cheapest and best thing I’ve ever done for my garden.  I can feel how happy my plants are when I sit out there.  Corny, I know, but true. Definite good green karma.  Hopefully, it compensates for the hedge massacre of Glenn’s.

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place, with two fabulous beaches 5 minutes in either direction, but more often than not we are enjoying our backyard.  The kids and I are having a hugely relaxing Summer and Glenn joins in evenings and weekends.  Previous Summers were awesome, but there seemed to be more material stuff involved.    More errands, more shopping, more time spent being “busy” and less time spent simply enjoying the season and each other.

The only thing that could make this season better is if we had an ool in our backyard….

















😉   Have a great few hours…..   Hopefully spent in the sun with a cold drink and some good friends.  s. xo