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Tomorrow, Chloe and I are driving south of the border to pick up my niece and nephew for a visit.  Which means that today I am cleaning the house like a crazed person, because obviously two teenagers expect a perfectly spotless house, right?  What is it about company that makes us feel the need to sanitize our lives for inspection?  I mean really?

There’s the obvious answer – to make a good first impression.  However, they’ve been here before.  To put our best foot forward?  Perhaps, but most people aren’t in a constant state of pristine perfection.  Even people blessed with help must have messy houses the days leading up to “cleaning day”. Pre-children, Glenn and I flirted with the idea of having someone in to clean. With both of us working, it seemed like an obvious solution to maximize our weekend enjoyment.  Turns out, more than half the work of a clean house was simply tidying up and we were still having to do that.

I am all for a clean house and I think most people would say my house is really quite clean, but that’s because I ALWAYS tidy before people come over. We try to have a balance between a clean house and a lived-in house.  And, until a fairy godmother/maid magically appears, most of the responsibility is mine.  I’m home with children who are now at school.  I don’t really have a good excuse.  (If you can think of one, please leave it in the comment section. 😉  )

As with everything else in life and this year, the answer is a balancing act between the austerity of dirt and quality of lifestyle.  This Summer, I am aiming for both, but if you happen to drop by uninvited, be prepared for a few unwashed dishes, a crazy craft table (that we used to eat at… aka the dining room table), magazines, movies and beach towels.  If you’re lucky, the beer and wine bottles will be in the fridge rather than the recycling (aka FULL) and you can help yourself.  Grab me a drink while you’re at it.  I’m either on the deck or in the hammock.  s.  😉