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At the beginning of this year, I had set as one of my austerity goals a reduction in stress. Whether through upbringing or genetic make-up, or likely a combination of both, I am unfortunately of an uptight, worrier disposition. I think I have alluded to this a few times over the months. I have watched my parents struggle with this over the years and have determined myself to not travel this same road. It’s tough though. Very hard to shake one’s natural tendencies. And it sometimes seems that the harder I try, the more that road seems to be laid out there before me, just willing me to step down it.
But, this said, I think I have made progress. I feel that my ability to control work stress for example has decreased noticeably. Sarah may not agree, depending on when you ask her. It’s one of these roller coaster things, periods of positivity intertwined with days when my outlook on life turns inward and I become focused on self. I still struggle with finding that Shangri-la; that consistent balance and peacefulness that has eluded me in my life. I still struggle with accepting that what will be, will be. I am improving though, of this I am convinced. And I do believe I will get there in the end. This is my goal.

I will say that one of the main reasons that I am convinced that I will find success in this lifelong endeavour is Sarah. For in this beautiful person I have found a life guide. One who teaches me regularly about the importance of being who I am while striving to grow. It is Sarah that regularly helps me see light when I find myself slipping into that closed-world of self-absorption. If it weren’t for her, who knows where I would be today? I was given the blessing of her for a reason, and I never forget this.

In my professional life in the pharmaceutical world, I speak daily with physicians about medications designed to benefit the health of others. And I truly do believe that these contribute to increasing quality of life with those in need. However, I have come to strongly believe that one’s physical health is also intimately connected to emotional and spiritual well-being. Perhaps, our health is more tied to this than anything else. So, whether it be yoga, meditation, prayer, or some other means one may learn to practice mindfulness, activities that support emotional balance are critical to one’s physical and mental health. I have personally seen the benefit of this; I just need to ensure that I take this positive experience and keep doing it!!

So, I list below some of the proven benefits of meditation, as much to remind myself as to perhaps offer a tidbit of enlightenment for others.

Have a very nice weekend.  Be at peace :).


Almost 1 out of 10 Americans are now practicing some form of meditation.  Here’s why…

Proven health benefits of meditation (and these are just a few)…

    • Heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and oxygen consumption are all decreased.
    • Meditators are less anxious and nervous.
    • Meditators were more independent and self-confident
    • People who deliberated daily were less fearful of death.
    • 75% of insomniacs who started a daily meditation program were able to fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed.
    • Production of the stress hormone Cortisol is greatly decreased, thus making it possible for those people to deal with stress better when it occurs.
    • Women with PMS showed symptom improvements after 5 months of steady daily rumination and reflection.
    • Thickness of the artery walls decreased which effectively lowers the risk of heart attack or stroke by 8% to 15%.
    • Relaxation therapy was helpful in chronic pain patients.
    • 60% of anxiety prone people showed marked improvements in anxiety levels after 6-9 months.
    • 55% reduced possibility of getting cancer