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Good evening, everybody! I have had a wonderful day downtown with Nick, my mom and my two cousins who are here in town for a week. We had so much fun walking around and doing different touristy things! 🙂 We always have a ton of fun when we’re all together, and this time was no exception. The laughs never end! My cousin Max, (who claims that if we mention his name in the blog, we’ll get a billion followers) told the waiter at Spaghetti Factory that I was ‘a little slow’ when I couldn’t make up my mind on what kind of ice cream to get. See what I mean? So much fun… 😉

When we got home from downtown, we all watched as my mom killed Max at Mario Cart Wii, and then continued to watch Bad Teacher. This movie is definitely one of my favorites, and is literally one of the funniest I have ever seen! Complete with the 21 Jump Street we saw yesterday, these past couple days couldn’t have any more laughs!

Both of these movies are insanely hilarious, and anyone who hasn’t seen these, MUST! I honestly don’t have too much more to say because even though we’ve had a long, busy day, we really didn’t do too much write-worthy. However, I have to say that I am incredibly happy that my last post got 7 likes, which I’m pretty sure is the most one of my posts has ever got! 😀 And yes, I do realize that this lovely post surely won’t get nearly that… Thank you very much! Hahaha but anyway, until Wednesday, have a fab weekend! … xoxo Chloe