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I’m a bit confused. Sarah missed yesterday’s post (understandably, as we have visitors), but had said she would post today instead. Unfortunately, today entailed a long trip to Whistler for her with the crew. So, today, which is normally my post, that was to become Sarah’s make-up post, is now mine again. Good God.

I guess, 204 posts in, we are really not doing too badly. The vast majority of those 204 days have been posted with the reliability of a Volvo. Some of them may be about as exciting as a Volvo, but hey, we’re doin’ it! Forgive us for our trespasses this summer. With the weather turning nice, and the kids off school, our minds are collectively wandering. We will get back on track. I promise.

But, since Sarah pulled a deke on me by not writing tonight after all, I have to get something on here to fill the spot. Nothing a few photos couldn’t fix. Here are a few taken earlier this evening while I was out thinking that I didn’t have a post to write. I’m back on Friday (I think), so will try to enthrall you with more words then :).

More confused than usual,