Bright and early this year, I had it all going on dieting-wise.  I was going to the gym daily and back on Weight Watchers.  I eventually had a gym buddy and knew without a doubt that 1-2 pounds a week were easy pickings for a dieting stud like me.  Which would have put me at minus 30ish plus by now, right?

“How’s it going?” you ask…  “Meh.”  I bleat.  Dieting’s hard.  I mean like stupid hard. As much as I 100% know what to do and how to fix it, I lack the resolve (apparently) to finish the job.

Seeing as I used Twitter (successfully) a few months ago to keep me accountable for cleaning out my e-mail, I figure I’ll throw caution to the wind and use the blog to keep me accountable for losing weight.  Chloe and Nicholas have grand intentions with regard to whipping me into shape and I am stating here and now my desire and intention to re-start my dieting engine.

Count yourself lucky that I don’t post a “before” picture and simply entertain you with the following….


Until Monday, I wish you a very happy, healthy, fit weekend!  s. xo