Hi it’s Nick. So on Tuesday, my cousins and my mom and sister and I went to Whistler. I know what your thinking “Whistler in the summer you’re crazy!!!” But it’s actually really fun. We went up the gondola to Whistler peak and then took the peak to peak over to Blackcomb. And when you’re in the peak to peak gondola you go over this valley and your 1473 feet up. So when we got to Blackcomb peak we realized the only way to get down to the bottom of Blackcomb is on a chairlift and I was terrified on it and then I realized it wasn’t bad. So it was nice and there were wildflowers and nice trees.

And when we got to the bottom we went to play this thing called the adventure zone where each of had to pick out three things we would like to do. First all of us played minigolf and Mom won. Max my cousin got second Kacy my other cousin got third I got fourth and Chloe got fifth. Then we went on the luge which is where you go on a cart and you control the brake and you go down this huge slide and it’s really fun. Then Max and Kacy went on a spinning chair. And then all of us except for Mom did a maze and to get a prize you needed to complete it in nine minutes or less and we got ten minutes. So I think this is longest post I’ve ever written. Hooray. Bye.