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Seems like excellent advice no matter which way you slice it.  This year, as you well know, we are trimming the excess from our lives and, sadly, this includes travel…  for the most part.  With that in mind, we are self-medicating our travel addiction by planning (plotting?) next year’s summer vacation. Spring break too.  So far, we’ve looked at Whistler and Sun Peaks (skiing), Paris, the south of France, Barcelona, Granada (Alhambra is a must-see, or so I hear), Morocco, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Russia, &, if memory serves, Dubai. Isn’t the imagination a wonderful thing??

Glenn reminded all of us that next year is his 50th birthday (along with our 25th wedding anniversary), slyly intimating that he should get to choose destinations.  I told him I’d throw him a surprise party instead.  (For anyone who knows him, a party in his honour would be like entering one of the nine circles of hell.  Not a super social guy, my hubby.)

Talk around the dinner table this evening was about Glenn’s upcoming 50th, our 25th, immortality (???), travel, adventure and just basically living every day to the fullest.  Sucking all of the juicy bits out of each and every day.  It’s definitely a personal goal of mine.  After all, this life is very short (and there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend…  😉 ), yet filled with an infinite amount of life to squeeze in.

Take care until next time.  I’ll be juicing life.  s. xoxo