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Today is going to be a little different. There will be no opening hello, nor will there be a cute little update on my week following. Instead, I would like to start off with an apology. A simple ‘sorry’. This apology is because of all the lame posts I have written over the course of the past seven months. For all the random pictures, posts about nothing and not posting at all, when I couldn’t come up with anything to say. Unfortunately, I feel today is going to be another day that I will end up apologizing for in the near future. The thing is…

My life is not that exciting! I live in a suburban community, I go to highschool, I go out with friends, I love my family and I workout (sometimes). I like to eat good food, read good books and meet new people. I love to read, write and dance, and I quite enjoy a good laugh with either my mother or my best friends. I have a certain passion for foreign languages and travel, and I long to see the whole world… I’m sure if I was to write a blog about my life and my thoughts, it would be much more interesting than acts of austerity that I do or do not commit, and must write about twice a week.

For instance, today my day consisted of breakfast at IHOP with my girlfriend, clothes shopping with my mom, tanning outside, and then a shower, dinner and listening to an array of ethnic music. I could write a post about how I’ve lost weight and am working so hard on being healthier, but that would not be an interesting topic. I could also write something about how tanning my skin will leave me with an austerity of pale skin, making it that I may lose the nickname ‘Casper’. But would either of those be appealing? Or even sound relatively like an actual post and not something I made into a post by lack of other inspiration?

So I guess the point of this post was not to bore you, or to make all the other lame posts I have written in the past okay. It was merely to explain a little bit more about myself, and maybe help everyone to understand how difficult it is to be fifteen and writing about austerity!! Therefore, if anybody thinks they could do a better job at always having something to write about – be my guest. Take over my days, write my posts and don’t you dare complain about it! 😀 Really, any takers? … xoxo Chloe