While 100% sure this has very little to do with austerity, this is a blog about our life this year and, well, this happened this year so without further ado…

I am a Pinterest superstar.  Or so it would seem.  Something happened a few weeks ago and my number of followers rocketed skyward.  I’m currently sitting at just under 540,000 followers.  As Glenn is fond of saying, that shit cray.  Truer words were never spoken.

If you’d care to check me out (on Pinterest!), you can find me here.  If you’re on Pinterest, please leave a link to your page in the comment section and I will happily follow you!

The takeaway from this is that I spend too much time on Pinterest… Awkward.










Now…  If anyone has any brilliant ideas on how to turn my free (austere!!) pastime into cold, hard cash, I am all ears.  Lay it on me…  😉