So, Sarah now has something like 600 thousand Pinterest followers or something, and growing like a weed. Something happened, and now in two weeks she’s more popular than Jesus and the Beatles combined.

I have 12.

Just goes to show three things: 1) I score a 1 out of 10 on the social media charisma scale; 2) Just how little time I spend on Pinterest – there must be some value to doing it, but I’m not seeing it yet, and 3) What you put into something, you get out of it. This last one is a good life lesson. Now, I don’ t know what import we can place on being a Pinterest divinity like Sarah (I adore you :)), but there must be some good that will come from this! Show me the money!

Anyway, this is post 3 in one day. I thought I would never avail myself of Pinterest to compose a post, yet here I am. I’m hard up. So I found this and I thought of Sarah. I tried to insert her lovely face in this image, but such skills are lacking on my part. Now that she’s Pinfamous, will she remember us simple people, and not lose touch with the austere path we are taking this year? Time will tell if she has the austere metal to stay the course. The saga continues…:).