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This post is dedicated to my BFF, Ginnie.  She will kill me for writing this so you may not hear from me in awhile.  Wait.  If I’m dead, that would be ever. See, this is how my brain works.  (Remember those anti-drug ads with the egg… “this is your brain”….. cracked in the frying pan… “this is your brain on drugs”…..  Replace menopause for drugs and there you have it.)

Glenn was working in Victoria this week and the kids and I tagged along.  Yes, we had to pay for our own ferry and meals, but the room was covered and we are desperate for a few days away.  Sue us.  The first thing I do when going to Victoria is let Ginnie know we’re coming…. “Hey, Gin!  We’re coming to town…  Want to get together??”  (aka  Please please please invite us for dinner….)  When the invitation comes back, I feel like Charlie ripping open that chocolate bar to reveal a golden corner!  YES!!!!

From the moment we walk in her door, I am green.  A nice green though. Maybe emerald??  The whole family is beautiful, witty, intelligent.  Her house is gorgeous.  Her garden is lovely (Seriously, Gin, artichokes?  Awesome.).   The food is beyond amazing.  And, wait….  That gorgeous new painting in the living room?  She painted it.  The tile backsplash?  He installed it.  The handsome young man walking in the door?  They gave birth to him.  I mean really.  Enough is enough.  YOU’RE MAKING ME LOOK BAD.

A trip to their house is SO inspiring, I can’t even tell you.  I have an infinite number of ideas to bring home and get to work on.  Now I just have to run them through my austerity filter and see what dribbles out.  Pretty sure most of my plans will have to wait until next year.  Helllllloooo, 2013!!!

The long and short of this post (austerity aside) is that I love these people. They inspire me.  They make me thankful that I bought a quirky little house two doors down, all those years ago.  Seriously, I love you guys.  And, thanks for dinner!  It was FABULOUS, as always.  s. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

p.s.  If you want to check out the maven of style that is Ginnie, you may do so here.