I need a kick in the derriere to get my austerity mojo going again, so here I am, hoping that blog accountability will do the trick.  Here’s a list of all the things I hope to do between now and the end of September (That gives me a month with the kids back at school….  Sorry, if they are available for hanging out, I am hanging out with them.)…

  1. Number one’s a biggie…  Finish sorting through my mom’s belongings that live in our garage.  I gave up last year when it got to be too much.  I think I can face it again now.
  2. With regard to #1, there is a dresser of hers that is just waiting for a coat of paint (leftover from one of the bathrooms) and new knobs (purchased over a year ago).  Glenn and I can then each have our own dresser. Married almost 24 years and we still share a dresser.
  3. Pare down Nick’s belongings.  The kid is sentimental about certain possessions he’s outgrown and needs a little nudge to part with toys he no longer plays with.  It’s time.
  4. Complete the book purge.  Glenn did his part nicely and then I choked. Maybe I need to send out invitations and have a book exchange.  I could even stay within austerity guidelines (such a purist) and make it potluck. (Ginnie!!)
  5. Get creative and work on Glenn’s birthday present which I will need in October.  (sssshhhh….)
  6. Release my inner Julia Child.  Put a cork in my inner Nigella.  A cork, not a cupcake.

And that’s about it.  I’m a realist.  I could keep coming up with things, but it would make doing anything on the list a slim reality.  I should also say that it is my intention not to miss another blog post, but, in theory, that goes without saying.  😉  s. xoxo

p.s.  While surfing around looking for a fun list-ish image to post, I found the following list that I thought I’d share.  I enjoyed it.