About us….

Let’s see.  Well, we are a family of four living in the burbs outside of beautiful Vancouver, B.C. We have been blessed with good health, great friends, and a pretty positive outlook on life.  Like everyone, we have been impacted by the changing economy – luckily, not as negatively as most.  We have been thinking about reducing our consumption for a long, long time and well, the timing just seemed right.

The Year of Austere is our family’s journey from a place of pretty standard North American consumerism to a newfound appreciation for people and experiences.  This is our hope.  We expect to have a bit of a bumpy journey.  Hell, that’s where all the funniest stories will come from.  Join us!

p.s.  The photo’s old.  Chloe’s now 15 and Nicholas is 10.  Glenn and I look exactly the same, however, with not a single additional grey hair…..

p.p.s.  To start your journey with us, you can read our first post here.  Enjoy!


1 thought on “About us….”

  1. What an interesting journey. Can’t wait to read more!

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