Sarah aka Mommy!! aka Thelma aka Hey, bud!

Okay.  So this bio deal is a tough gig.  We have been “under construction” a loooong time.  I guess it’s only fair that mine goes up first as it was my hare-brained idea in the first place.

I am 29 (in my mind anyway) and have a smart, funny, kind, chivalrous husband who I’ve been married to almost 24 years.  (I was boy crazy young…)  Now, I know that’s part of his bio, but describing myself is easier if I just tell you a little bit about the people I share my life with.  Besides, he won’t say those things about himself in his write-up.  He’s also modest.

We have two gorgeous children who you may or may not know from their blog posts.  Chloe is 15 going on 23.  I’d say older, but I’m pretty sure she wants to be married and pregnant by then, so let’s not rush things.  She is wildly funny and lights up any room she walks into.  She sure brightened the delivery room and has been making heads turn and hearts sing ever since.  She will most likely be on SNL some day.  I can totally see that.

Nicholas is 10 and such a beautiful little soul.  I adore that kid.  He is kind and smart and funny too.  He stands up for himself and for others.  He’s polite (guess I did something right) and pretty mature for his years.  He decided yesterday he’d like to be an entrepreneur instead of a plastic surgeon, so now there’s no free plastic surgery in my future….  *sob*    He is pretty hard-core about his gaming, but gets outside too.

Now, I guess I better actually talk about myself.  *ack*  Okay, FINE.  I’m 45 years old and went to Cascade High School in Everett, WA.  I am a Husky, graduating from the UW with a BA in Anthropology.  While I never got a job in my field, I use that degree every single day.  I indulged in a fair amount of English, Art History, & Psychology courses too.  I loved every single second of university, but haven’t once wanted to go back, preferring instead to live in this perfect moment – the present.

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 35 years now.  I like to decorate our home.  I enjoy baking, but don’t do it often.  I eat too many potato chips.  I watch too much bad reality TV (Chloe’s fault).  I like photography and art.  If I could live anywhere other than here, I’d live in Paris.  In.  A.  Heartbeat.  Being a vegetarian in Paris is hard, but hey, I’d take on that challenge.

I’ve loved and lost people that will mean more to me than many of those that remain, so I might be said to have a bit of a shell.  Or maybe a wall.  With a moat.  Possibly archers on the wall.  You get the point.  (Hey!  Don’t judge.  Chloe’s moat has sharks…)  I like to think I’d give someone my last dollar or a helping hand, but concurrent with this, people more often than not piss me off.  I think any time we put ourselves first instead of others, our priorities and, hence, our decisions, get all (m)ucked up.  I might come off as a tad judgmental, but believe me when I say the person I’m most critical of is myself.

I aspire to be an old wise woman that others seek out for advice and bawdy humour.  Two out of three isn’t bad and I am working diligently on the wisdom bit.  Give me another 45 years for starters.

It’s a pleasure meeting you.  I hope you find something, ANYTHING, in our blog to inspire or amuse you.  We are enjoying this journey greatly.  We hope you do, too.  Take care!


p.s.  Tell someone you love them today.  You won’t regret it.  xoxo


7 thoughts on “Sarah aka Mommy!! aka Thelma aka Hey, bud!”

  1. Great bio! Hi Sarah!

  2. Sarah you rock. lol@ 29 in my mind. You’re funny 🙂

  3. Hi Sarah! I am a follower of yours on Pinterest! You seem like an incredible lady and mom. Great job on all you have and are doing! A quick question for you… you are a Pinterest God to say the least! If I may ask, what is your secret? I am new to it an trying to get up to speed and to promote some photos we have been building on our site. What suggestions would you have?

    Thanks and keep up the great job!
    Rob Butler from Cleveland Ohio area!

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