This really is the most amazing experience, both the project itself and the fact that we’re doing it with the people we love best.  What has come as an unexpected delight has been connecting with other bloggers, some old (not old old, but, you know – we knew you already!) and some new.

The camaraderie and support we enjoy on a daily basis is almost overwhelming.  This page is dedicated to the bloggers and blogs we love best.  Since our project is about our lives this year, we are fortunate to enjoy the support of people of many and varied backgrounds. Some of the following blogs are about home decor, some about photography, etc. Some of these people will seriously be published some day and we’re happy to be here now to see it all happen. Take a peek and see if there’s something that inspires you!

Oh – one more thing! – this list will evolve as the year unfolds, so check back!

A Big Life

Bella Lime

Boulder Uphill

The Camel Life

Danielle Dowling


Hazy Shades of Me

The Minimal Challenge

Motorcycle Backroads

Musings, Photographic and Otherwise

my pink ink

Nicole Jane Home

One Bow, One Arrow

Paradise Confidence



3 thoughts on “BLOGS THAT ROCK”

  1. You are the sweetest person ever! These blogs DO rock. I will be sure to check them all. If you suggest it I know they will be worth my time. I know what you mean about the support and inspiration of other people. When I first started my Twitter account I thought the same way you did. “what am I going to say” then over time I got more comfortable and I decided to fully be myself. You are doing an amazing job and when your blog gets made into a movie (and I think it should be) I want a ticket to the red carpet 😉 Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks for the LOVE!! I so enjoy YOUR families posts. I have LOL’ ed, been inspired and I love watching how it all is unfolding. The challenges and triumphs. When it is a book, it is certain to be a best seller. When you are famous I hope you still remember me!! :0P

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